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Food donation guidelines

What food types can you donate on Blezz?

To begin, during the Blezz community’s food donating journey we are allowing canned food, packaged food, fruit and veggies, but overall, food that is good to eat. Food that you would safely eat yourself.

To help keep the community safe, these foods are not allowed to be donated on Blezz:

  • Food that has reached its “expiration” or “use by” date
  • Seafood or meat that has thawed or is not wrapped.

These foods are welcomed on Blezz:

  • Good to eat food that even may have passed its “best before” date. Remember, this date doesn’t necessarily mean food is bad once reached, just that it may not taste as good as it once did.
  • Frozen food that hasn’t been thawed and then frozen again.
Important information

To really help prevent food loss, check out online information about the cold chain. If you think that you've broken the cold chain then better be safe than sorry and bin it instead, nobody wants to get food poisoning.

  • Homemade food that is good to eat.
  • Fruit or vegetables, even those you have grown at home.
  • Food that has already been opened.

Some examples to get you started.

  • Pasta and other dry food like rice

Pasta and other dried food like rice is good to donate

  • Cereals to help people start their day off on a good note

Breakfast cereals are perfect to donate on Blezz

  • Canned foods that aren't expired and haven't been opened

Canned Food

  • Fruit and vegetables that are good to eat

Fruit and veggies being donated can help people eat healthily

  • Chocolates and biscuits (aka cookies in the US) to add a bit of sweetness into someone's day

People love biscuits/cookies and they're great to donate

  • Potato chips (aka crisps in the UK) - still in their packet

Potato chips / crisps are great for donating

  • Homemade dishes that have been cooked and stored correctly

Homemade dishes

  • Fresh cheese / meats in their original packaging

Fresh cheese and meats are good to donate but make sure they're in their original packaging

Important warning

To ensure the community's safety, only good food should be given away, avoid donating food that is not safe to eat. If you spot any food that you believe isn't safe then report the post so that a staff member can look into it.

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