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Stuff people say about Blezz

"Our family recently went on an overseas holiday for a month and we had so much food left in the fridge that would have gone to waste if it weren’t for Blezz. We listed it as a package and someone in the community picked it up before the end of that day"

Theresa Webb

"It’s my first year at university and have moved into student accommodation. Finding Blezz has helped me stay green by allowing me to find a home for my unused items, whilst filling up my room with some preloved furniture."

Devon Lane

"Awesome!! I gave away some things I had at my garage"


"My mum died earlier this year and she left a huge estate of so many things. I know she loved and cherished those objects so I wanted to give them to people who would reuse them. A friend told me about Blezz so I posted them individually and had a massive response."

Floyd Miles

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