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Why I paid $100,000 for a second hand toaster

The toaster than will keep on giving

01 May 2023

Stuart Kidd, founder of Blezz, holding a Sunbeam toaster he adopted

The story

I had no toaster.

Instead, I spent $100k+ building a mobile app platform called Blezz that helps people easily give away or pickup unused household items for free that are gathering dust.

I’ve donated a few items since the launch a fortnight ago and this morning I did my first pickup.

I adopted this lovely, almost brand new, Sunbeam toaster.

An expensive toaster some might say - but the start of a journey to a better planet where people can share what they don’t need.

My other app, Foody Bag, has saved from landfill almost 100,000 food items since its launch. During the next years you’ll be seeing me working hard to emulate that success again with Blezz.

Now off to buy some 1/3 of the price bread from Foody Bag for my newly acquired toaster.

Bon appétit!

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Donating Unused Items and Reducing Waste

20 March 2023

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